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 Thomson Sub Machine gun (increase battery space in the stock)

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PostSubject: Thomson Sub Machine gun (increase battery space in the stock)   Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:36 am

I was always having trouble putting in those tiny 8.4 batteries inside the stock at the rear of the tommy gun stock...

I am assuming that the Thomson Sub machine gun are soft air brands but this hack may be similar in other related weapons.

Reading up on these guns I learned that sometimes these guns went into action without the wooden stock at all and so I went ahead and unscrewed the airsoft version to check it out.

The weapon without a stock now looks more like a bad ass pistol and feels like it if the barrel was just a bit shorter... this weapon has a lot of potential if I wanted to go modded.

Unfortunately I will not chance the fact that an internal nut was rattling loose and I had to use all my past skills from my experience in ship in bottle building to line it back up with the screw and lock the stock back in!

Now while the Stock was free of the gun I took the liberty to examine it...It is actually very large but it was crammed with an interior foam block which I yanked out...that item apparently having no structural purpose freed up enough space to easily fit the current tiny battery but I was able to now cram a stick battery inside.

I am not knowing if the stick versions are much better but knowing if I ran out of power I could now use a borrowed stick.

I later tried to place a 10.4 battery stick but this mod would require a bit of work and a serious modd will be needed to accommodate long sticks...

Either way now I don't really have to damage the battery compartment door anymore!


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Thomson Sub Machine gun (increase battery space in the stock)
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