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 NEW TOPICS 101- Don't Speak N00bish!

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PostSubject: NEW TOPICS 101- Don't Speak N00bish!   Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:29 am

I keep seeing these n00bish topics being posted up by our players.

They post shit up like a Roll call but say no Date or time, basically we all kind of gotta be mind readers.

I understand that we may be lazy and resort to being a kid again but some of us are hard core players with working jobs and must check our personal time schedules before setting off to play.

Topics for roll call should be posted in exact detail and not a last second posting...It is best to do a roll call a few days ahead of time so that the message will have more time to do its work.

Without exact detailed communication in any post topic the message would become a lost topic and will serve no purpose, use, or meaning- Unless you speak in N00bish!

Also Try not to post Useless topics that have a title like- Miami beach-The Guetto-HI!-Lost it-! what the fuck is that!
... The titles should have a meaning to the body of the topic... Example: Hello I'm new! Posting of all scenarios here!

Basically try to make a topic look serious and not put together all weak.

Also do not be Lazy... use your spell check and make corrections when typing anything, Try to give a dame about it because this sort of stuff will force you to compose good professional letters and typing skills that will serve you well in other fields.

Respectable posting:
Try not to post HOT TOPICS that put other people on the spot, even if you are right the other person will still bitch and whine and It may very well even be an unproductive topic debate or argument.

Some topics will be locked or deleted due to Hot topics... we do not need politics to become involved that drive players away, I would like everyone here to show up, play and use the forum for forum good and not evil!

Edit your post:- I do and do it often!
Get in the habit of rereading your post even if you already posted it- you may have suffered from a brain fart and forgot one small detailed note....So feel free to add on to it!

Try to detect typos- spell check cannot do it all!

Some topics should be updated, if they are highly active topics that show directions and maps or battlefield maps and tactics.

Place pride in your topic postings this is a good representation of you as an individual thinker and is a good marker of your sophisticated intelligence status.

- If your topic is popular then you are on the Money!


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NEW TOPICS 101- Don't Speak N00bish!
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