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PostSubject: MY TOUR WITH NMCB 133   Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:47 pm

NMCB-133 deployed to Camp Covington Guam in May 1992, with a 30-man detail to Diego Garcia and a 13-man Civic Action Team to Palau. The main body in Guam was tasked with erecting 29 K-Spans and completing 21 pre-Engineered buildings to provide needed facilities for Philippine-based commands rolling back to Guam. Overcoming initial manufacturer problems caused by thicker steel required to withstand Guam’s frequent typhoons, the Roo’s reached full stride by July, completing one K-Span shell each week.

On 28 August, Typhoon "Omar" passed directly over Guam, with winds gusting at approximately 150 miles per hour. Although thorough preparations spared Camp Covington significant damage, the island itself suffered its worst devastation 15 years. Within hours of the typhoon’s passing, the Kangroos of NMCB-133 were involved with disaster recovery efforts throughout the island. All routine tasking was put on hold as NMCB-133, augmented by tailored Air Dets from NMCB-40 in Port Hueneme and NMCB-7 in Okinawa, worked around the clock assisting in water distribution, restoration of power, rebuilding heavily damaged schools, and erection of large tent city at the Fleet Hospital site to house hundreds of homeless.

Despite constant power outages and four more typhoons (Brian, Elsie, Gay and Hnt), the Roo’s completed 27 K-Span shells, 19 PEB’s, finished a fire fighting training complex and renovated a 44,000 square foot diplomatic telecommunications service facility for the U.S. State Department. During the deployment, Alfa Company endured a particularly tough work schedule. The maintenance division turned over 319 pieces of heavy equipment and vehicles upon arrival in May and immediately instituted a comprehensive in-depth inspection/repair program. The cost of repair parts alone was $930,000. Alfa Company also provided equipment support to more than 50 project sites, and there were never less than 12 continuously active sites. At the two quarry sites, crews excavated 26,000 cubic yards—enough to cover five football fields three feet high. The Orote Point quarry machinery required extensive repairs before being brought on-line as a production facility. The aggregate wash plant was completely rebuilt. After receiving a major overhaul, the asphalt plant produced its first batch in more than four years. Seabee reservists were integrated into operations at the Orote Point quarry and proved to be able teachers in quarry operations.

The 30-man Diego Garcia Det worked on six projects, including site work and erecting a 24 foot by 40 foot PEB, constructing a hazardous waste building and a 500 square-foot reinforced concrete emergency fuel distribution facility. The 13-man Civic Action Team at Palau worked on 18 projects, including the erection of a PEB and the installation of a bauxite cap on 16 miles of roadway.

NMCB-133 was awarded the Battle "E" for FY 92 Best of Type in the Atlantic Fleet in October. Later they were named recipient of the Peltier Award for FY 92.

In July 1993, the battalion deployed to Rota, Spain to begin their European deployment. Their 33,000 mandays of work resulted in a new NEX Gas Station/Convenience Store at Edzell, Scotland; NEX Mini-Mall at Sigonella, Sicily; renovation of the Carney Park buildings at Naples Italy; and dramatic improvement of the facilities at NSA Souda Bay. Added to this list was their construction of much needed infrastructure improvements in Turkey, Ghana, and Senegal. Quality and productivity were so impressive the Secretary of the Navy, during a visit, awarded 24 Navy Achievement Medals on the spot.

In September 1994, NMCB 133 deployed to Guam with Details deployed to Diego Garcia, San Diego, California and Chinhae, Korea. A Civic Action Team was deployed to Palau. DFT’s were sent to Southwest Asia, Ban Chan Khrem, Thailand in support of exercise Gold Cobra ’95, and El Salvador in support of Fuertes Caminos ‘95. The mainbody site in Guam completed several projects including Dental Clinc Addition, relocation of the Fleet Imaging Center, K-Spans for NCTAMS, and repairs to the earthquake damged Victor Wharf. The DFT to Southwest Asia completed the overlay of 1 million SF of Aircraft Parking Apron with a rubberized coal tar emulsion and several other projects in support of Operation Southern Watch.

In December 1995 the Kangaroos deployed in Spain and soon found themselves deploying to the former Yugoslavia in support of operation "Joint Endeavor". An Air Det Heavy of approximately 200 Seabees was sent to build base camps for the Army in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and to renovate the NATO Commander’s facilities in Sarajevo. The embark effort of Detail Juliet Echo included 1,120,000 pounds of cargo, 64 pieces of CESE flown on five C-17 and fifteen C-141 aircraft. Led by the Operations Officer, Detail Juliet Echo endured intense cold, rain and mud to build camps to support the troops of the US Army’s 16th Corps Support Group in Croatia and the First Armored Division’s Ready First Combat Team in Bosnia. This record setting deployment included successful details to Africa, Crete, Sicily, Italy, Great Britain, and Camp David and earned the Kangaroos the Battle "E" and the Navy Unit Commendation for FY95. This was the first NUC given to 133 for a peace time mission. NMCB-133 was awarded the pistol marksmanship trophy for FY95. [i]
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Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant

Posts : 858
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PostSubject: Re: MY TOUR WITH NMCB 133   Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:52 pm

my greatest achievement while in the service was in 94

I was the crew leader for these 2 projects relocation of the Fleet Imaging Center, K-Spans for NCTAMS ( Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific in Guam), I was also a Squad leader for Operation Joint Endeavor after reaching Steel Worker 2nd Class Petty Officer. That was my final tour
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