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 The PB matrix field division areas

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1st lieutenant

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PostSubject: The PB matrix field division areas   Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:04 am

Sunday turn out saw the usual rowdy airsoft crowd with a rather pathetic showing of paintballers.

about 6 paintballers showed up and did not quite justify their 20 minue games which kept more than 40 players stretched to their limits when it came to patients.

Ya I hear yere pleas for some form of better fair play...they were probablly all camping and the field was probablly cold...I will probablly have to bump up my other project of building that CQB area so that the field can be in play while the paint ballers are playing in that other area.

I am going to develope a special speed ball area just for such a scenario!

The problem here is that there may soon be generated friction between paintballers and airsofters...It may be actually possible to host games both at the same time by spliting the field in some way, my solution would be would require the building of a rewalling all the pillars that are still standing to divide it and creat a small speed ball area.

It is that area I was sugesting for a CQB area that is also attached to the pipe bunker....It may also very well do us all good if I tore all of pipe bunker down and wall the whole area off ... pipe bunkers and tires would exit inside it for the speed ball battles... I figure it may be good enough for a small party of paintball or a pistols only battle....

Please advise on what is best and could it be done.


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Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant

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PostSubject: Re: The PB matrix field division areas   Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:13 am

I agree that it sucks that 50 airsofters have to wait 20 minutes for 6 camping paintballers. It sounds good to have both games at the same time that way arguments are prevented. However, if we give up that side of the field we would lose a big big chunk of the field which would be a lot more tight for the 50 airsofters. I think that we should continue the cqb idea and think about where we can put the paintballers
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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

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PostSubject: Re: The PB matrix field division areas   Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:54 am

we should add a weekday every week at least one day
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PostSubject: Re: The PB matrix field division areas   Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:01 am

The fields to small to divide for paintball and airsoft. heres an idea instead of starting at 11 start at 9 that 2 extra hours of game play, but back to the topic

Saturday= The morning half is Airsoft then the second part of the day is paintball

Sunday = The morning half paintball then the second half airsoft

or just have the paintball play on Fridays since its only a small amount of players compared to airsofters
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Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant

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PostSubject: Re: The PB matrix field division areas   Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:02 am

there is a huge area next to the field hat all it needs is some weed wacking and it can be used as a woodsball/speedball field. it will solve the arguments and paitballers and airsofters will have their own fields.
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PostSubject: Re: The PB matrix field division areas   

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The PB matrix field division areas
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