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 Miami Airsoft field location

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PostSubject: Miami Airsoft field location   Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:16 pm

Location ,Location, it means everything!

You wouldn't wanna set up yer buisness in the boonies or the guetto, but it seems airsoft is the sort of sport hobby that has no issues with being in a trendy area.

The real problem is that City officials and the general public probablly do not like the idea of airsoft being located where it may generally be expected to bring down the land values of an area.

It is seen often as a punk sport and I could say that generally alot of airsofters are in fact n00bs and punks out in Miami.
We still have issues about players failing to take safty seriously and carry death rags or know the edicates of the honor system.

On and off players so to speak generally do not get enough experience to become seasoned players.

We need airsoft locations that are in fact FREE like that of YE OLDE SILO / INSAYNE ASSYLUM!
Those locations were publicly known abandoned lots out in the boonies of the city....Players wanting to hunt could ask around and then drive over to those places on the weekends for a score of paintball or airsoft.

Since its closing from government crack down and very bad apples who ruined it too, various attempts to hold airsoft gatherings has been conducted in and around Miami.
Homstead Airforce base has a nearby abandoned lots and for a time some good free fighting- as of now Fox hole still stands.

But even with Fox hole field , I find it hard to see why players attending were so sparse and player population seemed to be always in the 20s or 30s.

Is the Location so far out that even with it being known as FREE that its just too far to make an effort to go play?

Venues that opened up like PB Matrix field and Battle town charge 15 dollars per person and yet it too also has humble player attendance.

Where are the airsoft wars!?....What Im saying is where are all the airsoft people and why are they not gathering in uniting in a common cause to attend for games.

Of course, Lets say they are all in fact a bunch of geeky n00bs and Otaku (おたく/オタク) staying at home playing CALL OF DUTY....Lets assume that they were never social enough to get into an airsoft forum or join a group.
So they stay home and havent got a GOD DAMN clue as to when or where airsoft action is gonna take place.

Also there are hard working players who cannot attend on game day,they might also be a family man with even bigger responsabilities...they put the toys down...for now!

Players who could go but don't are just damn disfunctional....The drive to any of these place can't be that far!....and even if its free, the mental excuse is still rather pathetic.....the real story is the fact that you didn't go and you spent the day missing out.

Players that do attend any field , these guys are the true troopers who may be attending any or every day they could, but the fact that player population is always holding games hosting average 30 people is not very motivating and even less when less people attend.

With the closing of PB matrix paintball store, alot of these skate boarder punk kids that hung out lost out on an area to meet in person while they were drooling over airsoft gear or buying and trading.

Without no further attempts to communicate airsoft to the other potential players, even FREE airsoft field locations are going vacant!....

Remedy this by in fact making an effort to RECRUIT more airsofters to your fields and venues.
Quitting airsoft?....Pass the gun over to some one who can keep on firing it on game day some where, this way your passing the torch over to some one else and keeping the fun alive for everyone else on the field.

Gather as many interested airsofters by getting them onto an airsoft online forum or via face book groups....basically like you are hosting a biker gang!

Give players more motivation to decide today is a good day to die and leave the house totting for airsoft in gear.... not wondering if its worth it and upon arrival see that there are too few people to properly hunt down, let alone host proper team games....if this is the case, then I implore you to endure as a trooper thus motivating bigger turnouts on future days.

- YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!.....this in the way of your actions is like farming, and you lay the seeds of future games every time you hit the fields and socialize with your fellow friends and honored foes.

Now its a perfect sunny day in South Florida, there should be even more general disscussion and roll calls for going to the Airsoft playing fields.


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Miami Airsoft field location
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