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 Airsoft RPG!!!!

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PostSubject: Airsoft RPG!!!!   Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:53 pm

I just placed an order on EVIKE for this Airsoft RPG by Matrix...

So far other life sized RPG were either too expensive, didn't work at all or looked inacurate....they were going for over $750.oo or $400.oo and just didn't seem worth the reason to splurge.

The EVIKE Matrix RPG is about $250.00 or less depending on if you look for sales.
This item is full metal and actually does have airsoft operational parts so its not some dumb prop!
Comes with a single airsoft grenade must assemble this kit, about 10 minutes and no instruction manual!
Fairly easy to assemble.

The Airsoft RPG is said to be simple and light with virtually no breakable moving parts...just load it and pull the trigger.

This is more like a sexy shot gun and will fire a blast spray will need to buy more grenade rounds and for this, take care not to buy the ones that will not fit inside this fact, you will need to possiblly grind down any metal on the shells so that they will be compatable to fit inside the barrel of the RPG...there are issues here, but all could be resolved thru customization of the rounds.

The missle is some piece of plastic that looks good but only flys about 10 feet...just use it for display and not play! will need to build and test your own custom football missles.

I would very much like it if anyone who buys this, post their own test results here.

Another idea is that the plastic missle unit hides an extended barrel tube that will fire a more accurate moving airsoft missle or bb spray given that the RPG barrel is very ,very short.
that way you could always walk around ready to fire it with the asthetic warhead still on!

The Rocket launcher tube in the rear is basically just a hollow useless area...there is actually room here for potential custom gear...maybe firing off baby powder or an electronic blastoff  sound effect.

This item is a great addition to airsoft warefare now that the price has finally gotten down to earth...I highly recommend you also buy a gun bag to carry it in -less the general public may become highly alarmed if you are seen walking around town with it!


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1st lieutenant

Posts : 3257
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Join date : 2010-04-25
Age : 44
Location : Miami Beach building SandCastles- I shit you not!, and get paid to do this!

PostSubject: Re: Airsoft RPG!!!!   Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:17 am

Ok, My new Airsoft toy has arrived so here are some Bad guy pictures!

So far I have tried out some experiments using table tennis balls rapped in some Duct tape and in a calm indoor room they seem to fly straight and true!

Other projectiles like foam carved footballs seem to drop very short of being useful.

This item is fantastic and is quite a shot gun as well!
You will need several shells if you ever want to be seen as a threat!

Here are some other notes and future theorys that I speak my mind:

The rear tube could be modified like a home made potatoe cannon and a BBQ igniter could be rigged in with the trigger system for an alternate power upgrade!

Being this item will not likelly rack up kills...I figure this  more for objective based games and the guy with it must be guarded to the target... and the RPG must be picked up if the carrier is taken down.

Even if non working at all, I now have a fantastic prop model from which I could now model if I so choose to replicate.

replicate models are a bit more expendable from this nice metal prize...I would not be fully limited by the origional design and still fire accuratelly.

This item adds an interesting spice to the like bomb the base could get even more interesting!


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1st lieutenant

Posts : 3257
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2010-04-25
Age : 44
Location : Miami Beach building SandCastles- I shit you not!, and get paid to do this!

PostSubject: Re: Airsoft RPG!!!!   Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:30 pm

Good day at Battle town this Saturday... I arrived with the RPG and soon we began testing it on some objective games....the heart and soul of this weapon is the gas grenade shell and I will have to order more for even better combat...we ran games where a brave bomber would run in and try to blow up a defended objective target...(the red car) it fires a light green duct tape covered ball to an accurate 40 feet or more then the wind can have its play.
I had to think up Do or Die missions around this the future I will be providing more shells and possiblly even better weapon performance!

Thanks to all who par taken in the was really fun seeing some one scream out RPG!!!!

Targets taken out in games:
The red car, the small airplane in the field, and one of the CQB bunkers in CQB area.

After testing numberous times we finally wore out the single grenade shell...and now it needs servicing.
The Stock Rocket head could not be fired but we did all sorts of testing.
The best ammo fired so far was a ping pong ball wrapped in some duct tape.

We have yet to see if some kind of Nerf rocket could be made better than what we launched so far....I feel that this item could be modified possiblly with an AEG type propulsion system that could ramm a missle instead of firing gas!...once again It would be nice if all the great minds could gather and post any results.

...and Ive tried firing real rockets and the potatoe gun!


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PostSubject: Re: Airsoft RPG!!!!   

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Airsoft RPG!!!!
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