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 Olde Silo Back in the game!

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PostSubject: Olde Silo Back in the game!   Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:35 pm

Olde Silo once closed down for paint ball and airsoft may yet host future games....Friendly Off duty Police officers who happen to love the sport are hosting tactical game days but you simply must be in the know as to when the gates are open to play.

It is still illegal to simply go and play, even though some paintballers have in fact trespassed here to play.

Tune into the Face book group ,The - Fox hole.!/groups/290345897718959/

Mentioned from a fellow airsofter-

Guys again it has been posted when we go we go with law enforcement that are on duty as well..we are not just going out there at random ,it is not open for regular play..yes there have ballers and others going out there..i cant tell you not to go but i will give you the warning if you werent invited to go with the propper personel then you are at risk for being arrested...Im not gonna sit here and debate weather people are allowed to go..the no tresspass has not dont go out there get caught and expect mentioning an airsofts group name to get you off the hook it wont work.

Right now it sounds like things might be going good, but it will only take one or more bad apples to stink up the lot!-

I highly advise making friends and joining this Facebook group , you will thus be under the protection and shield of your fellow police officers who will be airsofting or paintballing....Do your part to best represent the sport on Game day...Impress the officials and top brass by picking up trash,Enforcing safety and fair play,- and absolutlly no horsing around in public toting guns without them in a carry on gun bag! - Idiots might cause a scare on Krome Ave!

This area may be possiblly evolved into urban playground this sporting activity thus deserves.


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Olde Silo Back in the game!
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