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     The Art of Pretending

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    PostSubject: The Art of Pretending   Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:42 am

    The Art of pretending:

    Face it, every time you play this game you are partaking in fun pretend game of shot or be is in fact pretending.

    Dressed in whatever costume and any simulated weaponry is also the fun part, you must all also do your part and perform somewhat like stage or stunt actors.

    The best part of game pretending is when players perform in simulated manners that we could all relate.

    How about a game of Zombies in which all players fending off the Zombies are armed with shot guns!
    To that effect it is great for this example for all to dress the part, act the part and if shot at, act like a wall of lead just hit them!

    The costume part really does add to the game and its just sad to see only a few hardened players out of many dress up on game day... too many players are taking short cuts and just showing up with just standard gaming equipment...please organize and partake in this part so that on game day it could look like ("when they take photos") 2 armys were at war!

    The Battle field itself should be considered the main acting stage, and thus should be seriously simulated...but alas if you must cut corners we all must pretend!

    Players who just want to play games of call your hits and walk out when shot undermine serious potential games...the dead do not walk out!

    one game comes to mind is a CQB building where all who are hit must scream in agony and put on a red rag, then lay dead in the spot they stood!

    surviving players may stubble upon dead bodies of enemy and comrads and due note the killing field of where a sniper might be!
    Taking that to another level it may be potential to act out using only limited mags of ammo or fire count in a more simulated manner...what if the guns were customized to give off simulated recoil and sound effects.

    The Art of Pretending could open up whole other games, games where the main general rules are based solely on established simulated acting...One player could in effect betray and change it possible to play a game where we got to find a traitor or a turn coat spy?

    It may be so that the enemy may also be allowed to use captured weapons taken from the dead... how extreme are we willing to dare to pretend?


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    The Art of Pretending
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